The Empathy Game (engelstalig spel)


Playfully Connect on a Deeper Level

This is the game to go beyond small talk and truly connect with people.

Empathy fuels connections between people.

But, what’s a real connection in the digital age? When do we still sit down, actively listen and engage with each other’s stories? The Empathy Game is a playful way to dive deeper with friends, family, or colleagues.

The game is simple. You pick a card and tell your story, from the everyday to the fantastic. Afterwards the listeners engage with your story by throwing the dice and exploring elements of their human experience.

The Empathy Game encourages sharing, listening and engaging with our fellow humans. It’s the active act of recognition and vulnerability that brings us closer together, and what could be better than that?

Bezorging binnen 2 à 4 werkdagen.

Beschikbaarheid: 1 op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)

Author: Saskia Herrmann & Jorik Elferink
Boxed set
12 x 15 cm
150 cards
ISBN 978 90 6369 524 8


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